2014, 8:22 min., HD, S/W

Text, Direction, Camera:
Jens Höffken

Sixpackfilm, Vienna

Wenzel Brücher, Vivian di Iorio, Magdalena Sams, Barbara A. Felton, Angela Appenzeller, Claudia Keil, Christa Wall, Roland Laimer, Dominik Harrer, Veronika Lehner, Theresa Auer, Lenneke de Boer

Review by Sylvia Szely

Sixpack Filmdatenbank

In 1947, plenty of writers and critics meet in the Bavarian countryside. They want to discuss their texts. The literature in post-war Germany needs a fresh start. Over the years, the group grows and is given the name „Gruppe 47“. It becomes an instance and will continue to meet annually in the inns of the province.

In this film, which is a hybrid of documentary and amorous poem, everything appears in subjunctive. A man is walking through vast winter landscapes, as if he was leaving one of the group's meetings. A woman is being painted as if she was Ilse Schneider-Lengyel: the inglourious hostess of the very first meeting.

Everything articulates the desire for strict discourse and a thoughtful handling of text. The expressive pictures – the snow, the young model, tell slit perch – are telling several stories at a time:

The history and fall of the group. The change of language: from linguistical seriousness to the pop attitudes of '68 revolt. And the life of the first hostess: the Mermaid from Bannwaldsee – Ilse.