TAT - 14

2013, Book, containing 15 transparent films
27 x 19 cm

Conzept, Text, Object:
Jens Höffken


Galerie Ortner 2, Wien:
Gruppenausstellung "EINS: Unikate und Buchobjekte"


The recent wire through the atlantic is called TAT-14 (transatlantic telephone-wire). It‘s main trail connects german Norden with the american city of Tuckerton.

My work consists of 14 love letters, written by longingly devided couples between Norden and Tuckerton. Their texts do not only deal with love but do furthermore tell the story of historical trials to connect the continents.

The letters are printed on transparent films and put together as a book. The overlaying films build a matrix of letters which is readable by holding white gloves under the pages. The book‘s optic remembers of the fiber glass wires.

Fotografien: Galerie Ortner 2, Wien