2013, 5:44 min., HD, Colour

Text and direction:
Jens Höffken

Assisted by:
Markus Burgstaller,
Veronika Lehner,
Angela Appenzeller

Alexandra Mitterhuber, Barbora Plácha, Anna Pech, Moritz Matschke, David Wittinghofer, Julia Hartig, Jochen Zeirzer

Film on

30. Int. Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, 2014
Kunstmesse Linz, 2013
Landesmuseum Linz, 2013
Moviemento Kino - Filmbrunch, 2013


The sky above the publishing house of Suhrkamp is bleak. The future of publishing is uncertain. This film formulates a tribute to the iconic colorful book objects.

Odette de Crécy, a character of Proust‘s „In Search of Lost Time“, occurs in a rose-pink morning robe. She becomes the personalized myth: a bunch of pale pages in a colorful cover.

Prints of the Sistine Chapel are decorating the wall, picked flowers are surrounding a little picture of Enzensberger, Salvatore is being read in the forest... noisy images make an impetuous medley. The paperbacks of Suhrkamp begin to shine as bibliophile fetishes.