2015, 3 pieces of linen, screen-printed
each 1,50 m x 0,50 m

Conzept, Text, Object:
Jens Höffken


- Jens Höffken: Frühstück in Zeiten der Dekadenz, Galerie BB15, Linz, 2015


Exhibition: Galerie BB15, Linz, Austria

The German Revolt of 1968. I fake three notes that are supposed to be written by three German protagonists of that year.

Each note is associated with one of the three major orientations: the student movement; the terrorists; and the Communards. The three texts are printed in German national colours black-red-gold.

The notes are accurate in its facts and give an overview over 1968 revolt. But they are composed in a derisive way: After their conventions, attacks and activities, the actors find themselves lonely in their hiding places - not able to find a corcscrew to open their bottles of wine.

In terms of gastronomy, a „Spill Over“ describes the moment when a cork is being pressed into a bottle. .