2015, 70 x 30 cm
Text object

Mechanical typewriter / carbon print on thin toilet paper

Concept, text, object:
Jens Höffken


Frühstück in Zeiten
der Dekadenz,
Jens Höffken, Galerie BB15, Linz, 2015


The most famous „Roman-Fleuve“ is Marcel Prousts „In Search of Lost Time“. This old genre was the attempt to describe the society of a certain time and place as precisively as possible (almost photographically). In many extensive books, sometimes containing almost twenty volumes.

In the 1960s Hubert Fichte wrote the last approach of a Hamburg Roman-Fleuve. Today, society is way more heterogenous than in times of the classical Roman-Fleuve. And for projects of almost ten thousand pages the readers are missing.

Jens Höffken summarises the present on the loss of this genre. And he writes the very last Roman-Fleuve: The Roman-Fleuve of the 21st century. On three sheets of toilet paper.