2013, 53 x 43,5 cm

Mechanical typewriter on old office paper

Conzept, text, object:
Jens Höffken


- Jens Höffken: Frühstück in Zeiten der Dekadenz, Galerie BB15, Linz, 2015
- Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst Niederösterreich, 2014
- LENTOS Kunstmuseum: Ausstellung zum Förderpreis Freunde des Lentos, 2014
- Best Off 2013, Linz


Exhibition: Galerie BB15, Linz

Russian Invasion 1968. The secretary of the Norwegian Residence in Prague is exhausted. She notices that she has no more ink to work - and it turns out to be complicated to purchase new ink to write. She doesn‘t dare to incommode her boss and it‘s impossible to go downtown.

In that situation she types a letter on a mechanical typewriter and throws it - folded as a paperplane - into the open window of the Persian Embassy next door. With the request to throw back a filled cartridge.

Object of exhibition is the unfolded paperplane. A gentle fake of history.