2012, 5:30 min., HD, B/W

Text and direction:
Jens Höffken

Drawings / Assisted by:
Manuel Funk

Christa Wall, Juan Camilo Herrera, Havi Navarro, Johannes Lueger, César Escudero Andaluz, Manuel Funk

Blackbox, Düsseldorf, 2012
Filmfest Düsseldorf, 2012
Moviemento Kino, Filmbrunch, 2012

This poetic shortmovie about a woman‘s walk to a bakery creates an equally dismal as charming image of a provincial town. The profane action is told in black-and-white images that are reminiscent of a country movie.

Supported by dance and rhythm the woman marches to the loaf, always walking under the burning heat of the summer sun. From nature into town she goes her way, moved by Jens Höffkens poetry. A poetry that turns the provincial pavement into something beautiful: Into an excess of Biedermeier that gives birth to joy.