Katalogseite DIDEROT INTO GOAL

With his great encyclopedia, Diderot was a forerunner of French Revolution. By the use of a "player's trick", he svoided censorship and published the explosive contents. "Diderot Into Goal" points up this anecdote.

  Catalog page SPILL OVER 1968

A caricature of 1968 revolt. After their conventions, attacks and activities, the actors of 68 find themselves lonely in their hiding places - not able to find a corcscrew to open their bottles of wine.

  Catalog page REVISION OF AN IDEA

In 1888 the German Fixed Bookprice was invented. In 2013, the discourse about TTIP was started, which questions the old norm. A textwork on the "Revision of an Idea".

  Catalog page THE LOOP OF WORK

Two similar stanzas compare the "shift work" of the engineers of a looping with the later riding experience of the passengers.